Who We Serve

Since 1998, Valdez International has dedicated ourselves to serve our customers and their diverse needs. When you need a trusted partner with deep mission understanding, and extensive experience in customer operations, Valdez can help solve your most critical challenges. It’s because we’re customer-focused, and dynamic in our approach, that we’re capable of delivering innovative solutions that are mission-driven.

Department of Defense

From command centers to education and training, Valdez International takes great pride in being a trusted partner serving side-by-side with the U.S. Military.

From command centers to education and training, Valdez International takes great pride in being a trusted partner serving side-by-side with the U.S. Military.  As a Leader in Customer-Focused Transformations in defense and intelligence, Valdez helps and supports our armed services to drive strategic outcomes, with certainty and accuracy, by providing the highest quality IT solutions & services to the warfighter.

We serve the Defense community by:

Supporting enhanced cyber capabilities and strengthening cyberspace effectiveness, through integrated operations and defense of critical information systems and networks for the U.S. Air Force.

Improving systems, software, and capabilities, through standardized processes and improvements, that reduce time-of-service of critical customer services.

Unifying operational efficiencies in support of complex DoD command and control (C2) systems, by improving operational efficiencies, unlocking optimized situational awareness, enabling reliable and timely decision-quality information to support warfighters.

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Civilian Agencies

Transformative solutions that improve agency efficiencies while serving multiple department’s and missions

Valdez International partners with agencies to solve their toughest challenges in modernizing their services for the communities and customers they serve. From systems operations and administration, application development and training, to geospatial analysis, Valdez is there delivering the mission-critical support federal agencies and their bureau’s need.

We serve the Civil community by:

Improving application systems and software engineering for the Department of the Interior, enabling critical hosted services to more than 130 agencies.

Strengthening the security and maintainability of departmental systems through next-generation technology solutions and data center operations.

Supporting real-time power and safety of dams, through the development of and implementation of critical analysis, mapping and modeling, of irrigation management and geographic information systems, for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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